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(I will have a Spartans icon before the end of the night)
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I'm trying not to get wrapped up in the final four. I'm really not...


We need to hit some of these freaking 3-point shots because this is getting ridiculous.

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The Spartans are doing well in basketball so far, both women's and men's.

The women just took down Duke, which totally made my night. Coach P left those girls hanging to take that job and it had to feel nice for them to beat the team she abandoned them for.

And it was nice to see the men's coach and some of the players there to cheer them on before they head to Indianapolis.

On to the Sweet 16 we go! GO STATE!
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Ugh, how I hate cleaning.

Actually today it's not so bad because we did the majority of it it's just finishing things up to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow's birthday party for [ profile] dreamtrance. It should be a good time...we just need to make sure there's enough room for everyone! We're up to 20 people including us, so it should be quite the shindig! (I love that word for some reason.)

Now it's off to get the party groceries and then I get to bake cupcakes for Kel to take to work tomorrow. Maybe I'll make some for MY work too. There's no telling!! :D
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Team's gesture supports grieving opponent

This seriously brought me near tears. We hear so much about student-athletes, even at the high school level, not caring about anyone but themselves. This shows the other side of things. I'm so glad my Gmail account happened to alert me to this article!
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My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their second child today...

I think I'm head over heels in love, seriously.

Her name is Laura Lynn and I absolutely can't wait to go home next weekend and meet her. Mom says she has her daddy's fingers and toes and that her big sister adores her. I'm a little worried about how Meadow will react once Laura is actually home to stay, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

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So, yeah, I can fully admit to the fact that I've become addicted to a new band. They're called The White Tie Affair and they're 5 guys from Chicago that currently have a record deal with Epic Records. The music is a ton of fun and it's pretty addictive, IMHO. They just released their first "official" video yesterday and I'm completely ecstatic so I have to share.

click to see, so it doesn't mess up anyone's friends pages... )

Visit their MySpace to hear more songs if you're interested, and we have pictures of them in action at White Tie Affair Fans [dot] com.

Yay new music!!
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I feel like Betty Crocker or something. lol

This week I've made 3 batches of peanut brittle (some for Kel to bring in to work, some for me to bring to work) and now I just made 2 batches of homemade caramels. Well, the caramels are cooling right now, once they're done comes the hard part - wrapping all the darn things! :) Some are going to Chris (our neighbor across the street) because she helped Kel dig out of the snowstorm yesterday while I was still stuck at work. The rest are for Christmas...if they last that long! haha They smell absolutely divine. After this it's cookie-baking time. I'm not sure if that'll happen tonight or not - I'm guessing not as it's already after 9. I'll manage to get it done though!!

I miss you all! I hope you're all doing well and for those I haven't talked to in awhile - I want to catch up soon!! <3!
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Has anyone else not received their pre-order yet? It looks like a few of people over on the post o' Patrick pics have had problems so I was just curious if it was an across-the-board issue or if it was sporadic. Because...yes! I'm way too excited for my own good and I want it noooooooooooow!
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In January I bought porn for [ profile] hammerhead22 (-10 points). In February I set [ profile] keiran_c's puppy on fire (-66 points). Last Friday I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points). Last Wednesday I pulled [ profile] i_multitask's hair (-5 points). In September [ profile] wonderdawg and I robbed a bank (-50 points).

Overall, I've been nice (195 points). For Christmas I deserve a new bike!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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Honestly? This election process was smooth as silk for me. I got out of work around 5:15 (15 minutes later than I wanted to leave but oh well), drove home and drove immediately to my polling destination to check out the line. Well, what I thought would be a line. There were only like 10 cars in the parking lot at most, so I headed back home to get [ profile] dreamtrance and we headed back together.

This ballot was the finish-the-arrow ballot and was only mildly annoying. I took my time reading everything and checking the proposals and I'm 100% satisfied with my choices. Whether or not my choices will be the winners tonight, that remains to be seen. But I know that I have the right to speak my mind and to have my say in anything that comes out of it. I am tired of being in the background just allowing things to happen. I will have my voice heard whether it be in writing my local/state/federal politicians, participating in petitions, donating my time/money, etc. I'm no longer going to be one of those people who just goes with it thinking that one person can't make a difference. Because I know that's not the case.

I'm nervous tonight. More nervous than I've ever been for any election. I've never felt so much was weighing on what happens in one evening before tonight. My job for the evening is done, now I'm crossing my fingers tightly and saying a prayer. And wearing my "I Voted!" sticker with pride.
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Somebody hit my car sometime over the weekend. I'm pretty sure it was sometime last night because I didn't see it Saturday when we came home from the craft show and when I left for work this morning, it was dark so I more than likely just didn't see it then.

At least it's mainly just cosmetic damage. I can lift the hood and my headlights still work. So for now I'm just going to have to deal with it. It'll cost way too much to fix for what the car's even worth at this point.

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I hate that Fall Out Boy can get me to spend $130.00 in one swoop.

Freaking autographed vinyl record did it for me.

I guess all that overtime is going to lead to some fun times after all! :D
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[ profile] bookofdays!!

The happiest of happy birthdays to you, my darling. Our annual get-togethers are something I will never take for granted. I can't wait until you come visit us again, we're going to have one heck of a party!! I hope your day has been filled with love, laughs and kitty snuggles. I heart you SO MUCH!
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You are the little sister I've always wanted and never gotten the chance to have. I hope your birthday is the greatest thing in the world and I CANNOT WAIT until you come visit next year! We're going to have the greatest time ever!!


Love you sweetie.
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Travis Barker and DJ AM critically injured in a plane crash

Holy shit...just...I hope they're okay. I can't even imagine. And my thoughts and prayers go out to the 4 families and friends who just lost one of their own. :(
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Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] liz_w!

Girl, I miss you more than you know! I hope you're having a wonderful day!!!
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Excuse me while I go drool on myself for awhile.

And I will totally have A7X icons soon.

OOOH I'll use my vanity plate!!!!

[ ETA: [ profile] dreamtrance IS THE BEST FOR BUYING THIS!!!!!! ]
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It's a Saturday and I'm not at work!

Yes, I am thrilled about this, can you tell? I have to admit all of the overtime leads to one heck of a sweet paycheck. I received my first one from all of the overtime yesterday and I was quite pleased with the extra income. Add my ChaCha earnings to that and I have to say I'm not doing bad financially right now. I was able to get some things I've been wanting for awhile and didn't because I was being responsible. But now I have a new pair of headphones and I've gotten the first 2 seasons of Friday Night Lights on DVD. Of course, the rest of my spending today was on things we needed for the kitties.

I'm sure that I'll be back to working hellish hours on Monday but for now, I'm happy to be home. Well, I'm not actually home, I'm at Kel's parents' house because she's at the football game and I didn't feel like going home. I'm watching the game on TV where I'm nice and dry (it's POURING outside right now) with Kel's grandma and the puppies.

For those of you in the path of the hurricane, stay indoors and stay safe. That's some freaking scary stuff out there. Thinking about you all!
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