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Honestly? This election process was smooth as silk for me. I got out of work around 5:15 (15 minutes later than I wanted to leave but oh well), drove home and drove immediately to my polling destination to check out the line. Well, what I thought would be a line. There were only like 10 cars in the parking lot at most, so I headed back home to get [ profile] dreamtrance and we headed back together.

This ballot was the finish-the-arrow ballot and was only mildly annoying. I took my time reading everything and checking the proposals and I'm 100% satisfied with my choices. Whether or not my choices will be the winners tonight, that remains to be seen. But I know that I have the right to speak my mind and to have my say in anything that comes out of it. I am tired of being in the background just allowing things to happen. I will have my voice heard whether it be in writing my local/state/federal politicians, participating in petitions, donating my time/money, etc. I'm no longer going to be one of those people who just goes with it thinking that one person can't make a difference. Because I know that's not the case.

I'm nervous tonight. More nervous than I've ever been for any election. I've never felt so much was weighing on what happens in one evening before tonight. My job for the evening is done, now I'm crossing my fingers tightly and saying a prayer. And wearing my "I Voted!" sticker with pride.


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